vegetarian-item Hummus: Small $4, Large $6

Mashed garbanzo beans, lemon juice, tahini sauce topped with olive oil

vegetarian-item Labne: Small $5, Large $7

Lebanese yogurt topped with olive oil

vegetarian-item Baba Ghanouj: Small $5, Large $7

Baked eggplant, lemon juice, tahini sauce topped with olive oil

vegetarian-item Grape Leaves: $6/6 pcs, $1.30/each additional

Grape leaves stuffed with rice, tomato, chopped parsley and onion

vegetarian-item Halloumi Cheese: $7

An exotic cheese from sheep's milk, mildly salty fried to order


vegetarian-item Falafel: $5/4 pcs, $9/8 pcs

Deep fried fava beans, chickpeas, parsley patties

Served with tomatoes, mixed pickles, tahini sauce and fresh pita bread

vegetarian-item Vegetarian Appetizer: $10

3 falafel, hummus, Baba Ghanouj and Manouche Zaatar

Sambousik: $7/4 pcs, $1.80/each additional

Fried pastry stuffed with meat & chopped onions

Appetizer combination: $11

3 Sambousik, 3 Lebanese cheese sticks, hummus and French fries

vegetarian-item Lebanese Cheese Sticks: $6/4 pcs, $1.50/each additional

Makanek: $7

Lebanese sausage with lemon juice

vegetarian-item Manouche Zaatar: $3.30, add veggies $1

Lebanese dough topped with mixer of thyme and olive oil

vegetarian-item Manouche Cheese:$6

Lebanese dough topped with mix of cheese

Sujuk: $9

Lebanese spicy beef sausage with tomato and onion

vegetarian-item Foul:$7

Fava beans, tomato, onion, lemon and olive oil with pita

vegetarian-item French Fries: $3


Add Chicken or Kafta $3 | Add Shawarma $5 | Add Beef $6

vegetarian-item Taboule: $7

Mix of chopped parsley, with tomato, onion, bulgar wheat, lemon juice and olive oil

vegetarian-item Lebanese: $8

Mix of fresh lettuce with tomato, cucumber, olives, feta cheese, olive oil and vinegar dressing

vegetarian-item Fatouch: $8

Delicious mix of lettuce, green pepper, chopped parsley, radish, cucumber, tomato, with lemon juice and olive oil, sumac served with toasted pita bread

vegetarian-item Lebanese Potato: $5

Boiled potato with chopped parsley and onion, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice

vegetarian-item Lentil Soup: $4


Add 1 Side $1.50 | Add Taboule or Fatouch $2 | Add Soup $2.50

Shawarma Sandwich: $7

Combination of marinated tender beef and grilled lamb. Served with tahini sauce, tomato, parsley and onion in pita bread

Chicken Kebab: $7

Delicious marinated grilled chicken breast served with garlic, cabbage with mayo, pickle, and fries in pita bread

Chicken Shawarma: $7

Combination of marinated chicken breast filet, garlic paste, fries, lettuce, and pickles

Kafta Kebab: $7

Delicious grilled beef mixed with parsley and onion, served with tomato and hummus in pita bread

Robert Beirut Burger: $8

Delicious Angus beef with grilled tomato and onion, fries, a mix of cabbage and mayo, spread of garlic, mustard and ketchup

vegetarian-item Labneh: $6

Lebanese yogurt, tomato, thyme, cucumber, black olive and oil

vegetarian-item Falafel: $6

Beans and chickpeas deep fried with vegetables and tahini sauce. Served with chopped parsley, radish, tomato and pickles in pita bread

vegetarian-item Fries: $6

Delicious fries, garlic, cabbage with mayo, pickle, in pita bread


Chicken Kebab (Tawook): $10

Two skewers of marinated grilled chicken breast served with two sides, garlic paste and pita bread

Chicken Shawarma: $11

Marinated chicken cooked on a stick served with garlic paste and two sides of your choice

Beef Kebab: $11/1 pc, $14/2 pcs

Marinated tender grilled beef, served with two sides and pita bread

Beef Shawarma: $11

Combination of marinated lamb and grilled beef, served with two sides and pita bread

Kafta Kebab: $10

Two skewers of delicious lean ground beef mixed with parsley, onion and kafta spices, served with two sides and pita bread

Lamb Kebab: $13/1 pc, $15/2 pcs

Marinated tender grilled lamb, served with two sides and pita bread

Ara’s Combination: $16

Three skewers of your choice: Kafta, Beef, or Chicken, with two sides, garlic and pita bread

Tony's Ultimate Shawarma: $16

Double portion of the Combination of marinated lamb and grilled beef, topped with tomato, mix of parsley, onion and sumac spices and finalized with tahini

vegetarian-item Falafel: $10

Mixture of 6 fava beans and chickpeas deep fried, served with hummus, taboule, and pita bread


Hummus, Rice, French Fries, Green Salad, Baba Ghanouj, Lebanese Potato Salad

Upgrade a side to Taboule or Fatouch for $1.00

Add a Soup for $2.50


3 pcs Falafel, 1 side: $4

2 pcs Cheese Sticks, 1 side: $4

2 pcs Sambousik, 1 side: $4

Chicken or Kafka, 1 side: $5

Kids' Sides: Hummus, Rice, Fries, Salad, Potato Salad


Baklava$2/1 pc


Arabic Coffee

Small $4
Large $6

Hot Tea

Small $3
Large $5

Juices $2.50

Orange, Apple, or Cranberry

Yogurt Drink $2.60

Mint or Regular

Coca-Cola Products $2.10

Flavored Iced Tea $2.10


Lebanese red or white, Malbec, Caberne, Pinot Grigio

Corkage Fee: $8.00


Almaza $5
Heineken $5
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA $5

Stella $5

vegetarian-item Vegetarian Friendly

Have you tried our Garlic Addiction Sauce?

This sauce is so popular in our restaurant that we are now selling it by the jar so you can enjoy it at home! Purchase a jar for only $8.50. Keep it refrigerated & try on your favorite meat or as a condiment for sandwiches, fries, etc.

garlic addiction